Train Driving Simulator has realistic cockpit and environment so that one trainee can feel real felling in this simulator. Train Driving Simulator is required of basic training, refresher training, evaluation of skills. When maximum realism is required, the traditional simulators offer a total immersion environment whereas we offer a realistic cockpit like a train.

Train Driving Simulator Features:
  • Simulates different train in the same or different 3D environment.
  • Realistic driving cockpit like train driving desk.
  • Virtual train shoes all control equipment of train.
  • 3D Projector or TV front display system.
  • Learning of train routes.
  • Learning to drive new and existing vehicles.
  • Breakdown protocol training.
  • Training in critical and emergency situations.
  • Collaborative training between drivers.
  • Train Communications training.
  • Hands-on experience with the dynamics of the train in its different environment.
  • Student-passenger and student-instructor communications.
  • 3D Stereo sound system for realistic railway sounds.
  • Camera and microphone to monitor the student.

Realistic routes of each operation:

Real stick driving conditions: Train driving simulation has the 3D realistic routes, stations and depots of the operation. Accurate simulation of real traffic conditions, protection systems, cab signaling, automatic movement of other vehicles etc. Train driving simulation has realistic effects for weather like rain, storm, day and night condition etc. These solutions can be through PCs, tablets, VR glasses, etc. These options are selected according to the suitability of each tool for the required training objectives.

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