March Robotics and IT Solutions Ltd has large engineering team to implement projects where hardware, software, electrical, mechanical etc. works are combined to provide a novel and simplified solution. March Robotics and IT Solutions aims to unify access to many different services and modules using one control application in this type of project. March Robotics projects to be designed to meet the following criteria:

  • May have server and server application.
  • May have client Computer and application.
  • Must have periodic performance result.
  • Must have different report.
  • Software must be configured for different label user access instructor and trainee.
  • May have different electrical accessories.
  • May have different mechanical machineries.

To meet the above requirements listed, March Robotics and IT Solutions has designed a novel, simplified and efficient system. The project has been designed and implemented with industry best practices in mind. Careful attention has been given to ensure that the system is fault tolerant, resilient and highly responsive. A server-client based service oriented architecture has been chosen which provides high extensibility and scalability. To accommodate hardware and software requirements, a careful study of supplier companies from reputed countries have been selected and presented as part of the proposal. All related software and hardware components are presented with appropriate supplier companies names and specifications. All software user interface (UI) used in the proposal which have been designed to aid in visualization and does fully reflect the finished product.

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