A Fast Craft Simulator or speed boat Simulator is a system that simulates speed boat or water vessel and the marine environment for training, research and other purposes. Currently, simulator training provided by maritime schools and academies is part of the basic training of maritime professionals.

A Fast Craft Simulator or speed boat Simulator consists of software that realistically simulates the dynamic behavior of a ship and its systems in a sample marine environment and an interface that allows the person using the simulator to control the speed boat and interact with its simulated environment. In Fast Craft Simulator, this interface includes a realistic mock-up of the boat’s control consoles, and screens or projectors that provide a 360-degree virtual view of the ship's surroundings. Apart from real-time visualization, simulation software can also be used for fast time simulations where speed boat and vessels are controlled from the cockpit almost like a Fast Craft Simulator or speed boat.

Learn the most important aspects of sailing on the simulator software, such as docking, maneuvering and navigating with our very realistic Motorboat Simulator. The realistic water with variable flow and wind-based waves and the natural occurring wind with gusts and windshafts, are based on the techniques of Fast Craft Simulator. Make use of the various available onboard instruments. Plot a route on the digital map, view your position with the GPS and navigate with your compass to the next waypoint. It is also possible to engage the autopilot and see how the tachometer responds to the waves that the ship encounters.

  • The Fast Craft Simulator or speed boat Simulator to be designed must meet the following criteria :
  • Realistic environment like sea or river
  • Sufficient boat, medium and large A Fast Craft Simulator or speed boat Simulator.
  • Different Cockpit for different ship.
  • Instructor Room
  • Briefing Room
  • Periodic performance result.
Fast Craft Simulator or speed boat Simulator Software features for visualization and realism :
  • High Resolution & Realistic Sea View,
  • Multi-Channel and Parallel Visualization,
  • Advanced Shading & Dynamic Shadowing,
  • Special Effects,
  • Waves, Horizon, Surface Reflection,
  • Realistic Visualization at Day, Dusk and Night,
  • Weather Effects,
  • Snow, Hail, Rain, Fog etc.,
  • Environmental Effects,
  • Sun, Moon, Clouds, Stars etc.

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