An LED Video Bar is a flexible circuit board made by surface mounted SMD LED and other components that usually comes with an adhesive backing. LED video bar is compatible with LED video control system to show text, graphics and videos to creative eye-catching visual effects. LED video bar can show text, data, video and graphics, perfect match with LED control system. We can consider each LED video bar as a small LED screen but we can control all these small screens together to creative fabulous visual effects. In recent years, many consumer electronics manufacturers have shown their own interest in applying this LED display technology to product advertising, museum displays, digital signage, other electronics products and solutions markets. Such screens can be bent like a scroll without distorting the image or text. LED Video Bar Is used for Holiday decoration lighting, Christmas party, holiday time, anywhere you want to produce a particularly eye-catching display. Market Engineering lighting, architectural decoration, decoration of trees along streets, parks, urban night lighting. Attractions landscaping, gardening, community night crystal decoration, hotels, shopping malls, night entertainment. Clubs, bars, shops and stages are the ideal locations for this slender instrument. It is also the perfect device for interesting light creations in your own rooms. LEDs have a high performance, are very bright and shed a strong and intense light. This is naturally also true for the LED bar.

LED Video Bar features:
  • Common lamps can be used about 2.000 hours in lighting engineering.
  • This is only a fraction of LED’s longevity, which can bring you approx. 50.000 hours of light.
  • The LEDs in the LED bar consume only little energy.
  • Additionally, they dissipate only little heat.
  • This is not only good for your energy balance, it is also good for the environment.
  • DVI Control Mode
  • WS2813B single signal transmission
  • Single led per single pixel point serial transmission
  • Seamless Connection
  • Break points Continuous
  • Without voltage drop even if several joint

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