The flight simulator faithfully reproduces the cockpit of a real aircraft and its flight characteristics, and it perfectly simulates the aircraft operation and the flight control system. Our simulator has extremely low operating costs and is easy to use. The flight simulator will make you feel like you are on a real plane, not a simulated plane. Improve students' communication skills, train them to control many critical situations such as fire alarm, pressurization failure, hydraulic system, electrical system. Show your students that these are not situations that can only be found in books and get them to understand the specific meaning of each action. Flight simulators have improved our flight training to ensure a smoother learning curve and give them more snack time, and added a new performance rating system. The simulator offers a variety of training flights that teach trainee the basic learnings of flight, starting with basic handling, landing and taking off, navigating the VFR and learning how to fly a plane. customers like Airbus. We've also added more contextual voiceovers to help explain items and provide feedback.

Flight simulator Features:
  • Simulate different planes in the same or different 3D environments.
  • Realistic cockpit that looks like an airplane control panel.
  • The virtual plane covers all controls of the plane.
  • 3D projector or TV display system.
  • The vision system is available with a viewing angle of 180 degrees.
  • Learn flight routes.
  • Learning to drive new and existing vehicles.
  • Incident Log Training.
  • Training in Crisis and Emergency Situations.
  • Cooperative training between drivers.
  • Flight Communication Training.
  • Hands-on experience with train dynamics in different environments.
  • Student-passenger and student-instructor communication.
  • 3D stereo sound system for realistic sound.
  • Cameras and microphones for student monitoring.

Flight Simulator Cockpit Technical Equipment:
  • Two rudder pedals
  • Auto break panel
  • Throttle fully motorized
  • Gear lever
  • Autopilot options
  • Toggle Switches, Knobs, Rotary Encoders, Rotary Switches, Lever Switches
  • Thrust lever with reverse function
  • Parking brake, Speed brake lever
  • Fuel control lever
  • Trim wheels
  • Fire handles working with fire bell
  • Adjustment Encoders: Altitude, Heading, Speed, Vertical Speed, Left and Right Course
  • Control Panel: Audio Control, Engine, Forward Overheads, Flight Control, Navigation and Display, Fuel, AC and DC, Generator Drive and Standby Power, Ground Power and Bus Switching, Miscellaneous Forward Overheads, Probe Heat, Wing and Engine Deicing, Hydraulics.
  • Professional Flight Simulator Software
  • Instructor software (options)

Real-stick driving conditions: Flight simulator simulation features realistic 3D routes, stations, and operations depots. Accurately simulate real-world traffic conditions, protection systems, cabin lights, automated movement of different aircraft, and more. The flight simulator has realistic weather effects such as rain, storms, day and night conditions. These solutions can be run via PC, tablet and VR. These options are selected according to the suitability of each tool for the desired training purpose.

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