Simulation is a latest and very useful technology. It reduces the cost of actual training and finds out the actual problem of a trainer as well as trainer can improve his performance. Our Indoor and outdoor Shooting Simulator is one of the best virtual shooting ranges in the world. It’s the most realistic simulation of a real indoor and outdoor shooting range. It's almost similar to a live-fire shooting range. In this simulator, single screen or multiple screen can be used by a single shooter. Usually eight or more lanes are implemented linearly for the simulator trainee.

Indoor Shooting simulator Feature:
  • Laser:Laser beam is used instead of live ammunition.
  • Instructor Panel:Instructor control panel for monitoring all trainees
  • Weapons Position:Rifle is wirelessly connected with simulator software. One trainee can fire in any position like lying, kneeling, sitting, standing etc.
  • Recoil effect:Feel recoil effect for all shooting.
  • Result review:Full after-action review.
  • Automated Calculation:Find Accuracy, Grouping, Reflex and problem Can calculate result automatically and show trainee’s result after firing.
  • Performance:Describe and record a trainee’s performance, judgment, and reaction time in database.
  • Improvement:Trainees can assess their improvement live.
  • Stats:Describe and record a trainee’s rifle movement horizontally and vertically when firing.
  • Sound System:Multi-directional surround sound for unsurpassed audio realism.
  • Pop up target:Software command based Pop up target.
  • Moving target:Software command based Moving target.
  • Night firing:Software command based Night firing.

Software Features:
  • Accuracy analysis.
  • Grouping Fire analysis.
  • Reflex analysis.
  • Muscles & Breathing problem.
  • Rifle & Shooter movement after & before fire.
  • Almost unlimited Data store capability.
  • Shooter can check his improvement.
  • Command base shooting.

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