The drone is used in defence, surveillance, security, agriculture, some uses a laser pointer in water disruptor firing or rifle shooting. The laser pointer will be visible on the controller display to the operator, who will use it to aim at the target. The thread object will be visible through a thermal camera.

Utilize surveillance drones for vips observation missions, force protection, and a comprehensive view of the area of operations. Our EO and IR-equipped surveillance solutions, which can be quickly set up in places that are vulnerable or hard to get to, provide uninterrupted, 360-degree day and night surveillance for up to 10 kilometers. Operators can use the actionable intelligence provided by these field-proven drone surveillance solutions to make crucial decisions in stressful situations.

IEDD/EOD operators use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to send flying sensors into dangerous or impractical locations and reduce risk for EOD/IEDD operators. In recent decades, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has significantly increased. The success of drones in combat has significantly increased interest in drones. Maybe, after that example of overcoming adversity of robot, many have taken on rambles in their stock for various purposes in the event that not directing deadly activity.

Robots might have been utilized for the most part for salvage activity purposes. The increasing number of IED incidents worldwide in recent years has necessitated the use of more advanced equipment in IEDD and EOD operations. In the recent past, numerous nations' armies that contribute to UNPKO have also decorated their forces with numerous cutting-edge devices and sophisticated equipment. The country is spending a significant portion of her annual defense budget on the purchase of these cutting-edge equipment. In light of this, an effort was made to produce disruptor-firing Cap drones locally. The operator of the drone can remotely deploy it near the target and fire a disruptor or a rifle in pinpoint range. The RSP of EO/IED in difficult-to-access environments will be revolutionized by the drone with disruptor or rifle, an innovative concept in CIED. It will circumvent the limitations of conventional ground-based robots and eliminate the risk that IEDD/EOD operators will be required to physically secure the EO/IED, putting their lives in danger.

Hovering with 20Kg payload