The Engine Room Simulator has been developed based on different equipment in Ship engine room being presently used in medium-sized or large size engine rooms with two two-stroke type main engine, four cylinders to sixteen-cylinder main engine.

The Engine Room Simulator introduces 3D model of the Engine Room, based on the real equipment existing in engine room. In order to create the impression of working process in the real environment, it provides 3D surrounding sound which can be listened on 3D surrounding sound.

Our Engine Room Simulator contains two floors, including the actual engine room, control room. Additionally, there is a control room for the simulator operator. We offer a wide range of training in this simulator, such as start-up and shut-down procedures, resource management training, breakdown and other crisis situations, and communications training as well as psychological assessments.

Engine room simulator Features:
  • Engine room simulator is a highly realistic simulator for ship’s engine room training which can also be used as a low-cost introductory simulator.
  • Engine room simulator software have different prototype models in this simulator software.
  • Engine room simulator is based on an engine room composed of one low-speed diesel engine and diesel engine generators.
  • Different Models like Engine, Generator, Compressor, Electric Panel Box, Transformer etc. are existing in Engine room simulator software.
  • This prototype models can be predefined place generated by clients ship recommendation.
  • Instructor/supervisor can configure an environment and set different problem for trainee in Engine room simulator software.
  • Instructor/supervisor can place a problem in any object in 3D environment and keep some dissimilarities between original scene and scene after problem have been placed.
  • Now the Instructor/supervisor can send one trainee for troubleshooting problem in Engine room simulator software.
  • Trainee can select different types of tools like metal cutting plus, screw driver, different tools etc. for identify the problem. If he can identify the problem in proper way then he is successful.
  • Then Instructor/supervisor can measure trainee’s performance.
  • All data are recorder in database for his continuous performance.
  • One trainee can take different types of steps for problem solving like filter change, Parts Change for temperature rising, component Change, wire cutting, water change etc.
  • Instructor/supervisor can monitor whether trainee’s decision is perfect or wrong and simulator software can show his continuous performance.
  • The user interface includes virtual controls and alarms and creates very realistic environment.
  • The 3D virtual reality with active valves, tank level indicators and selected digital gauges enable comfortable engine room operation and monitoring.
  • Multi-channel digitized sound provides a very realistic ships’ engine room feel. The sound effects include: engine sound correlated with engine speed, the sound of a diesel generator starting and running, open indicator valve sound, alarm and machine telegraph buzzers.
  • Emergency procedure training including fire simulations.

The simulator introduces 3D model of the Engine Room, based on the real equipment. The 3D model includes very realistic, animated, virtual controls like switches, gauges and lamps. The control panels have to imitate the most important parts of the control room equipment.

Electric Power Plant is equipped with modern Power Management System which enables automatic control of generators according to actual power demand. Control room allows remote control of engine room equipment from computers.

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