A Lcd or Led Video Wall is a large visualization surface consisting of multiple displays. Originally, they consisted of multiple televisions or monitors that were put closely together. The objective was to make it seem as one large display surface. The problem however was the large frame that surrounded the useful display surface of each television. This completely tore down the effect of a single canvas and ruined the visual performance. Typical application areas include control rooms, meeting rooms, digital signage and other demanding environments.

Lcd video wall consists of multiple specifically designed Lcd displays. Contrary to the panels used in television sets, these Lcd displays have a very narrow bezel. This minimizes the gap between the panels, making it look like one big canvas. Over the years, this gap has gradually decreased. Today, Barco UniSee has the smallest gap in the industry. Typical markets for Lcd display walls include meeting and crisis rooms, lobbies, and experience centers. You can also find them in the control rooms of traffic and security centers.

Led video walls technology is used to create the most impressive video walls. They are very bright and are often not only used to inform or to collaborate, but also to wow audiences. For example, in retail & advertisement settings, during spectacles or live performances, Led video walls are used. Due to recent price-drops for Led video walls, they have become in reach of most corporations, to use in control rooms or corporate lobbies. The Led display tiles consist of many individual color Leds.

LCD or Led Video Wall features:
  • These display walls are available in a wide range of sizes, typically with a screen diameter between 46” and 80”.
  • The resolution is subject to the wall size. For example, a 4K video wall requires 4 Full HD screens in a 2 x 2 setup.
  • The high brightness, absence of inter-tile gaps and impressive colors are the main benefits of direct-view Led technology. Also, the limited depth and weight can be important in certain settings.
  • The benefits of this technology include the very high lifetime, the absence of burn-in effects, and the narrow gap between cubes.

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