A flexible display is an electronic visual display that is flexible in nature whereas traditional flat screen displays are mostly used in digital displays. In recent years, many consumer electronics manufacturers have shown their own interest in applying this LED display technology to product advertising, museum displays, digital signage, other electronics products and solutions markets. Such screens can be bent like a scroll without distorting the image or text. Technologies involved in making a flexible display include electronic LED display, LCD display, OLED etc. The flexible LED display uses a soft circuit board with high flexibility which can be bended to creative concave and convex curve shapes. Flexible LED screen module is specially designed with soft PCB and rubber plastic parts which can be bend concave and convex without affecting the normal working of the LED diode board.

LED Flexible Display Features:
  • Compared with traditional PCB materials, it has high-strength resistance to compression and distortion, which can better solve various problems of "bending comers and shaking chair comers" installation difficulties
  • The main installation method of the LED flexible module is magnetic column suction, which is convenient and quick to install and easy to shape;
  • Good ductility, can be shaped into any shape, can be hoisted, seated, hanging, etc., to meet the requirements on-site installation to the greatest extent;
  • High-quality, single-point maintenance can be achieved. Seamless splicing, can control the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1 mm

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