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Company History

March Robotics & IT Solution Limited is a premier Information and Communication Technology Services Company that provides real values to businesses and individuals through digital technology. The company was established in 2012 and since then it has been operating and implementing various programs successfully for about four years. March Robotics & IT Solution Limited offers ICT products, as well as ICT services in areas such as Business Application Development, IT Education/Training, Plant solution (power, gas, water, road & transport, shipping), Electro-mechanical solution and Embedded System Integration and Maintenance.

  • Engineering Challenges
  • Market Opportunities

Our Mission and Vision

To serve and protect the interest of our Clients providing the best available services. To achieve excellence in providing those services and to encourage their participation through employing the ever evolving information and communication technologies. To provide both the private and public sectors with innovative and robust solutions that exploits the potential of edge-cutting Information Technologies. These things are done by listening to the needs of our clients as they grapple to align new technologies with business strategies. To provide clients with high quality services and appropriate Information Technology Solutions at a cost-effective rate with the required ongoing service and support. March Robotics & IT Solution Limited is the source of exceptional services and solutions. It is done by continuous stimulating awareness of total quality principles among our professionals and embracing change, continuous improvement, diversity, technology and innovation; we strive to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of the clients.

Our Merits and Excellence

  • Unique and creative solutions that meet the client's expectations.

  • The client's business objectives, but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethics.

  • Maintaining the Principles of public relations.

  • Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business.

  • Creative approaches to the client's special needs in order to find unique and tailored solutions.

  • Team work based on the implementation of progressive communications and discipline.

  • Professional quality of services provided by a highly-motivated team.

  • Courage and readiness to communicate on behalf of client in crisis.

  • Strong technological background.

  • 24/7 availability.

We Ensure Product Quality

We Provide Orders In Time

We Ensure Your Privacy

24x7 Support

Our Portfolio


Five Years' experience of serving local and global clients. Strong history of excellent performance: Our profile shows that we are an IT consultant and Application Development house, experts in System Analysis & Architecture of business and industry, Transport, Shipping, Gas plant, Water Plant, Power Plant providing a fully integrated & user friendly Windows & Web Applications software for a complex environment, industrial solution, Device & equipment control software for complex system, Automation and Central control server based customized software.


We take into consideration the importance of meeting deadline. Our projects are delivered on or before the due date. We didn't have any delay delivering any of our projects.


Our proven reliability means that you can count on us to continue deliver our services no matter what the circumstances. Also, we deliver positive, rapid solutions for our customers.


Through minimizing maintenance and support requirements by providing you with sustainable solutions. Our experience enables us to focus on helping our clients to achieve their missions, not just on meeting contractual requirements.

Business Strategy

  • To support clients with broad expert knowledge and unbiased technology advice.
  • To do the right things for our clients with compassion for their situation.
  • To deal honestly with issues in a constructive way that doesn't sugar-coat reality.

Management & Manpower structure

A highly skilled management team and a well-qualified Board of Directors manage the affairs of the company. All projects on turnkey basis are managed and controlled by a strong project management team consisting of a Project Director, Technical Director, Project Manager and Coordinator. In addition to the members of the Board, the management is being supported by a combination of well-groomed and skilled IT, administration, finance, research and business development/marketing staff members.

Background of Incorporators


Products and Downloads

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Team Members

Advisors, Directors & Shareholders

Md. Zabed Ali Sorker (Rtd. Director System, ICT Min, Cons. ADB)

K.M. Azam

Mamun Al Rashid Chowdhury

Admin, Finance & Marketing

Rifat Islam (Masters from Japan)

Roman Ahmed (Masters in accounting, LLB)

Full time Engineers

Mamun Al Rashid Chowdhury (B.Sc. in CSE)

Saiful Islam (B.Sc. In CSE)

Al Masum Fahim (B.Sc. In CSE)

Riajul Haque Moon(B.Sc. In CSE)

Khandakar Imran Azam (B.Sc. In CSE)

Nasif Al Islam(B.Sc. In CSE)

Zaman Turja(B.Sc. In CSE)

PJ. Faruq(B.Sc. In CSE)

Rokib Akanda(B.Sc. In EEE)

Harun Chowdhury(B.Sc. In EEE)

Part time Engineers

Sarker Miraz Mahfuz Zakee(B.Sc. In CSE)

Jumanah Munowar(B.Sc. In CSE)

Srijon Chakroborti(B.Sc. In CSE)

Hibibur Rahman(B.Sc. In CSE, Instructor of BASIS)

Technicians & installation members

Amir Hossen(Diploma in EEE)


We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them.


Ex ARMY Chief- Gen. Mobin, visited our project.


We share our best ideas in our blog.

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